Articles related to Highland Dancing

Written By Loraine Ritchey
Loraine’s columns run in
Dancer Magazine

The articles on this site were written by Loraine Ritchey
and appear in "Dancer" magazine. These articles are also posted on Celtic Cafe and in "Celtic World" magazine with her permission.

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Rosemary McGuire

Hugh Bigney

Victor Wesley

Roo Killick

Art or Sport?

Ohio Games and
Adult Dancers

Older Dancers 2

New Zealand Hornpipe
& More...

"A Rose By Any Other Name"

Celtic World Article

News from the SOHDA

Girl Scout Performance

In Memory of May Falconer

A Highland Loss
Orma Smith

Jamie Jamieson

Sheila Mittig

Fire & Grace
Laura Carruthers

Michelle Cumagun

Colleen Rintamaki

Amanda's Diary

Jenny Douglas
by: Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth Watson

Nikki Ritchey

Irish & Scottish Dancing

"Who would be a Dancing Judge?"
By Charlie Mill

"True Dancer"
by Charlie Mills

"If the Shoe Fits"
by Charlie Mills

Marguerite Reid and Sean Connery

Mothers & Others


Charlie Mill Response

Mothers Part 2


Just A Mother

Anne Milne and Celtic Accent

VSU, Aussie, NZ and STDT

Mothers Part Three

Bobby Watson King of Highland

Pet Daniel,NZ.Tui&SOBHD

New Lords of the Dance

Mothers Part 4

Publicity for beginnners

To Tape or Not To Tape

VSU,Flora and Tradition

NZ Champ. a Judges Thoughts

British Nationals and Shin Splints

Interview With a Parent

Cuthbertson and Scottish Billy Elliot

Dancer Galicia

Letter on NZ Melin

Joan Bys/Bill Weaver performing and piping

SOBHD & SOHDA Dancers Qatar/Belfast

A Judge Answers

Dancing with heart

Coming soon!

Celtic Worl Interview

Bio/Braemar/Judging 3 part

Braemar pt.2

Judging styles

Celtic World and Cowal

CW.Champions interview

Country Dancing

Gareth Mitchelson

Wynd Centre Dancers

Nov Scotland/Bio Beware

Tatoo Editorial

Monarch of the Glen

Dancing with Diasbilities pt.1

Dancing with Diasbilty pt.2

A Fathers View

Dancing Dynasty

Dancing Queen

Deryck Mitchelson.pt.1

SOBHD vs V. Wesley

Cross Training /Weaver

Deryck Mitchelson pt.2

Dancing in Heat/B.Weaver

Driven Celtic/Carruthers

Tasmania Champ of Champ

Sauve Dancers/Glasgow Rangers


Glens Journey

Kitty Hart

Wesley(early years)

B.Campbell Politics

Highland Games(off the field)

Colleen/Cowal 02


Betty Jessiman pt 1.

Wesley on Cowal 02

Coming Soon

Water Colour

Betty Jessiman pt 2.

A Dancers Wedding

Heart of a child


Pt.One Dancer's body!

HD.Good,Bad&Ugly Pt.1

Whitelaw Walks

Dancers Weave Tangled Web BC

Dancers Body Pt. 2.

Dancers Body pt 3

Good Bad &Ugly PT 2

Wesley's Workshop

Highland always the Bridesmaid?

SOBHD Chairman Interview Dancer.

Oh! Canada

Campbell/Rintamaki 2003

Commentary /McGregor

Dance Scholarship/Jamieson

Celtic World Articles

Chris Wells

McGuire Responds to Wesley

Real Wesley please stand up


Competitive Parents

Boblo Boat Memories

One brief shining moment

Competitive Parent 2

Competitive Parent 3

Speaking in a vacuum

Laudable/lamentable 1

Laudable/lamentable 2

Laudable/lamentable 3

Laudable&Lamentable pt. 4

Braemar Caught Short

Scotland In Colchester

Moveable Worlds

Championship costs

The Champions

Judges Looking For

SA Celtic Dancer

Pandora's Box

Titles feel as sweet

USIR Silver

Conversation McGuire pt 1

Conversation McGuire pt 2

Mitchelsons Website

MOM Common Denominator

MOM common Denom 2

MOM Com Den pt 3

Vera and Cowal

Coming soon

Coming soon