The following is a questionnaire presented by Loraine to Highland Dance parents and teachers.
If you would like to submit a reply, please send answers to:

Loraine Ritchey at

Mothers and Others: Questionnaire

If you are a mum answer the mum's questions, a teacher, the teachers, if you are a mum and a teacher answer either or both. Dads feel free to jump in. Please answer what you feel comfortable with. For those who don't mind having their name mentioned I will send you a preview of the article so you may make adjustments to quotes if you feel the need to do so.

1. Do you wish to have your name and locality "withheld from the article"?

2. How long have you been involved in Highland?

3. Are you a mum, teacher, judge or a dad?

4. What made you decide on Highland dance as opposed to other forms?

5. How did you find your teacher?

6. How far do you drive to a teacher?

7. Teachers: what is the furthest a student comes?

8. How long are your lessons?

9. Mums: What is the most frustrating aspect of the dancing?

10. Teachers: Same question?

11. Are you mainly a competitive dancer for parents) Do you mainly teach competitive dance(for teacher)?

12. How many days in a month are you involved with Highland?

13. Workshops: As a parent why do you go to workshops, how do you know which ones to participate in?

14. Teachers. How do your recommend a workshop, what are your requirements or what do you consider a "worthwhile" workshop.

15. If you could change one thing in the world of Highland Dance what would it be?

16. As a parent do you find there is a "lack of openness" as far as getting information?

17. Highland Games: How do you feel about the lack of parking facilities (especially for the dancers) What Games have you been to that have been "dancer friendly" (meaning parking, dance platforms, close proximity to facilities?

18. Various dancers from yesteryear are very concerned that "dance' is not being taught but "choreography" Does your school deal with body alignment etc. and do they have a dance background other than Highland?

19. What would your ideal teacher be like?

20. What would the ideal parent be like?

21. Would you like to see dancers given critique sheets as to what they did wrong on that particular competition. Would you be willing to pay for either a written or taped critique

22. What would you like to see from the various "dance organizations" SOBHD, SOHDA, NZ Academy, VSU, BATD, STDA, UKA, FUSTA , SCOTDANCE, ETC etc. Do you think they are parent friendly?

23. Same question to teachers.

24. Would you like to see a parents or dancer organization geared especially for the dancer. Although FUSTA and Scotdance etc. are in place they are mainly professional organizations.

25. Do you feel that you are able to ask questions without repercussions ?

26. Teachers: How do you deal with the "mother from Hell" situations. And in some cases Dads? What do you consider a "mother from hell " to be

27. How much of the yearly budget do you spend on Highland

28. If you could ask one question to any one in the dancing world what would it be?

29. Teachers: Do you think the emphasis on taking home the medals rather than the art form or "sport" as the case may be has become too important as opposed to working up gradually to more challenging things?

30. Do you teach any of the history of the dances?

31. Parents: Are you involved in any other of the Highland arts. Piping etc.

32. Injuries - Mums How often has your child been injured due to involvement in Highland? Continued:
Was your teacher knowledgeable and supportive of medical advice? What was the injury (twisted ankles, shin splints, stress fracture achilles etc)?
Is the injury re-occurring?

Teachers: What do you think is the main cause of highland dance injuries?

33. Please feel free to address any issue in length and also for this question please put down any thoughts or observations that you may have that haven't been addressed in the questions above.