Highland Highlights

By Loraine Ritchey

THE WEDDING by the Mother of the Bride a.k.a. Loraine Ritchey

The months of planning and decision-making came to fruition on December 14th, 2002 at Sawmill Creek Lodge . I would like to share some of the memories taken by the amateur photographers that attended. Loraine

Ah the night before the men of the family Father , brother and cousin protect the bride in the hot tub !!

The dancers plea "RUB my feet!!!!

The dress "Does it look OK?"

"and from the back"


Preparing the set!

just checking

another view

The Carol Singers, who sang and read before the wedding ceremony

Nana ( brides grandmother) and Chris (Brides brother)

The Guests

Thumbs up

An emotional Bride and Dad

A few more tears

Time to smile

Mum gives the reading

and still she goes on!

The Vows

and again

and again

More Tears

Dad and Bride All Smiles now

Husband and Wife

The Bride and Grooms Cakes

The Infamous Pillars

and the other view

Cutting the Cake

OOOOOOHHHHH Strawberries

Best man's speech

Ready for the Grand March

Time to Dance

Chris and Angela ( the next Bride maybe .he certainly has stars in his eyes)

Bill Weaver piping for his dancer one last time

Piper and Dancer , Teacher and Student

The Beginning!!!!!!!!

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